The Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA) is an organization dedicated to disseminating and supporting research in early childhood education in the Pacific area. Inauguration conference of PECERA was held in Kobe, Japan in July, 2000. With over 150 scholars, researchers and professionals participating in the conference, Dr. Bernard Spodek, founder of PECERA invited participants to form an organization which aims at facilitating scholars, researchers and professionals to serve the interests of young children in the Pacific area.


During the 2001 PECERA Annual Conference held in Christchurch, New Zealand, the PECERA constitution was approved. 14 July marked the birth of PECERA.


On 28 January 2005, a team of early childhood educators successfully registered PECERA (Hong Kong) as a new chapter of PECERA. 25 February 2006 marks the official launching of PECERA (Hong Kong).


Aims of the PECERA (Hong Kong) are to:

Message from the Founding President

The launching of the Hong Kong branch of the Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA) is a momentous undertaking. It signifies the importance of Hong Kong as a research centre for early childhood education in the region.


With young children as our focus, PECERA aims to create not only a platform for all the different educational professionals and practitioners to share their research findings and experiences in early childhood education but also to expand this concept to include all other professionals and experts. Whatever your professional field, you have an impact on young children. We know now how practitioners impact children through architecture, design and technology, health and nutrition, economics and business, art, performance, linguistics, recreation, etc. We are developing new networks of professionals influenced by diverse areas of knowledge and experience.


For those who do not yet identify themselves in the field of education, PECERA welcomes you and your participation, because in the broader sense we are all working together for the good of young children. PECERA (Hong Kong) can become a model international forum where by we can create new networks of diverse professionals into one platform from where – through dialogue, exchange of papers, conferences, seminars, discussions, etc. – the spark of creativity can ignite a synergy that will benefit young children, our future leaders.


Dr. Betty Chan Po-king

Founding President of PECERA (Hong Kong)


Executive Council 2022​
Founding President
Dr. Betty CHAN
Honorary Members
Mrs. CHU Tang Lai-kuen
Ms. Priscilla YEUNG
Dr. Maria LEE
Dr. Sanly KAM
Dr. Lydia CHAN
Dr. Anna HUI
Mrs. Winnie KWONG
Mrs. Adelina CHAN
Mrs. Vega POON
Ms. LAU Yau-lin
Ms. Mary WONG
Ms. Gloria LEUNG
Mrs. Winnie YEUNG
Ms. NG Yin Kam
Dr. Bonnie YIM

The list is arranged in alphabetical order by family name.