The Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA) is an organization dedicated to disseminating and supporting research in early childhood education in the Pacific area. Inauguration conference of PECERA was held in Kobe, Japan in July, 2000. With over 150 scholars, researchers and professionals participating in the conference, Dr. Bernard Spodek, founder of PECERA invited participants to form an organization which aims at facilitating scholars, researchers and professionals to serve the interests of young children in the Pacific area.


During the 2001 PECERA Annual Conference held in Christchurch, New Zealand, the PECERA constitution was approved. 14 July marked the birth of PECERA.


On 28 January 2005, a team of early childhood educators successfully registered PECERA (Hong Kong) as a new chapter of PECERA. 25 February 2006 marks the official launching of PECERA (Hong Kong).


Aims of the PECERA (Hong Kong) are to:

Message from the Founding President

In response to the call of my mentor, the late Professor Bernard Spodek, Founder of the Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA), to establish regional associations serving the interests of young children, the Hong Kong chapter of PECERA was established in 2006.  My heart is filled with gratitude whenever I look back on the history of PECERA (Hong Kong), and the immense support and contributions from so many individuals and institutions, who have shared Professor Spodek’s pioneering vision and mission. 

Since the 2007 PECERA International Annual Conference hosted by PECERA (Hong Kong), we have grown from strength to strength, as a uniquely positioned platform for creative collaboration and knowledge transfer between researchers, policy makers, educators, social workers and other stakeholders in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) sector, including parents and caregivers.  Apart from public seminar series and other forms of community engagement and education, PECERA (Hong Kong) introduced world-renowned international benchmarks of quality to Hong Kong and the Greater China region by translating and publishing the Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions of the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales (the ECERS-R, ECERS-E, and ITERS-R) firstly in 2014, and began promoting the use of these tools for self-evaluation and self-improvement in Kindergartens and Child Care Centres.  Nothing is more rewarding than getting across the message about the critical importance of ECE, and the enduring impact of high quality ECE provision, whether for individuals, families, communities, or nations.  It is also encouraging to see passion and confidence grow in ECE teachers and leaders, who are increasingly recognized for their professionalism and expertise, and further empowered by research-informed and evidence-based practices.   

As a veteran of the ECE field in Hong Kong, I am truly honoured to have served as the Founding President of PECERA (Hong Kong), and delighted to be succeeded most capably by Dr Maria Lee.  Facing the world characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, we have an ever-greater responsibility to provide our young children with the best start in life, and advocating for quality ECE will always be an ongoing mission.  This never-ending but incredibly significant work requires our collective wisdom, perseverance, and collaboration, and knowing the PECERA (Hong Kong) leadership and wider community, I have high hopes for our future.

Dr. Betty Chan Po-king

Founding President of PECERA (Hong Kong)

Message from the President

The launching of the Hong Kong branch of the Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA) in 2006 signifies the importance of Hong Kong as a research centre for Early Childhood Education (ECE) in the region.  Over the years, we have strived to create a multidisciplinary platform for different institutions, professionals, and practitioners to share their research findings and experiences, whether through academic conferences, seminars, or workshops.  We also actively support continuous ECE development through enhancing the links between policy, research, and practice, and encouraging practitioner research for self-reflection and self-improvement in schools.  Most notably, PECERA (Hong Kong) has translated and adapted world-renowned environment quality rating scales for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres in Hong Kong, and developed localized coaching and mentoring programmes for teachers and leaders, thus empowering frontline educators in our city.      


PECERA (Hong Kong) strongly believes that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, so we warmly welcome the participation and contribution of all sectors and stakeholders of our society.  Whatever your professional field, you have an impact on young children.  We know now how we can impact young children through architecture, design and technology, health and nutrition, economics and business, art, linguistics, recreation, etc.  We are therefore continuing to develop new networks of professionals representing diverse areas of knowledge and experience, in addition to engaging parents, caregivers, and the wider community.


On behalf of the Executive Council of PECERA (Hong Kong), we look forward to working together with you for the benefit of our youngest citizens in Hong Kong, our future leaders.


Dr. Maria Lee Lai-wan

President of PECERA (Hong Kong)


Executive Council 2022 - 2024
Founding President
Dr. Betty CHAN
Honorary Members
Mrs. CHU Tang Lai-kuen
Ms. Priscilla YEUNG
Dr. Maria LEE
Dr. Sanly KAM
Dr. Lydia CHAN
Dr. Anna HUI
Mrs. Winnie KWONG
Mrs. Adelina CHAN
Mrs. Vega POON
Ms. LAU Yau-lin
Ms. Mary WONG
Ms. Gloria LEUNG
Mrs. Winnie YEUNG
Ms. NG Yin Kam
Dr. Bonnie YIM

The list is arranged in alphabetical order by family name.