Public seminar on “Science for Young Children”. Guest speaker: Dr. Sharon Russo

PECERA (HK) organized a seminar on “Science for Young Children” on January 12, 2009 and was honored to have Dr. Sharon Russo as the guest speaker. Dr. Russo is the Programme Director of the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (in-service) and Senior Lecturer of the School of Education, University of South Australia. She shared with the audience on the topic “Tell me a story: Investigating Children’s Prior Knowledge in Science” and look into the experiences of children developing their knowledge of science. About 130 participants including teachers, ECE professionals and parents attended the seminar.


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The 21st PECERA Annual Conference

The 21st PECERA Annual Conference was successfully held online on July 2nd (Friday) to 4th (Sunday), 2021  approach at Wellington, New Zealand, and online. The theme