PECERA Sets Up New Subsidiary in Hong Kong

Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA), an organisation dedicated to disseminating and supporting research in early childhood education in the Pacific area, has set up its new subsidiary in Hong Kong on February 25, 2006. The Launching Ceremony, held at the Hong Kong Productivity Council, was a great success. Over 200 guests, who mainly came from the education, healthcare, food services, legal and architecture professions, were there to give their support.

Mrs. Fanny Law, Permanent Secretary for Education and Manpower, Professor Bernard Spodek, Founder of PECERA, and Dr. Betty Chan, Chairperson of PECERA (Hong Kong), officiated at the opening ceremony. Professor Kai-ming Cheng, Senior Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong, was the keynote speaker. Professor Chu-ying Chien and Dr. Wei Li-Chen, both Programme Directors of PECERA (Hong Kong) also addressed the conference.

Representatives from Korea took the opportunity to give the participants a preview of 2006 PECERA Annual Conference in Seoul. Since its inaugural conference in Kobe, Japan in July 2000, PECERA has held conferences of different themes in Christchurch, Shanghai, Melbourne and Taipei year-on-year. Previous conferences have attracted numerous scholars, researchers and professionals from the Pacific region. In 2007, the event is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong. Hosting such an activity in the Special Administrative Region does not only signify its importance as a research centre for early childhood education, it also reflects the growing importance of Hong Kong in the worldwide educational arena.


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《家長貼士講座系列》免費線上公開講座 – 0至6歲嬰幼兒口腔護理 (In Chinese)

  《家長貼士講座系列》將於2024年6月27日(星期四)下午6時30分舉行第二場線上公開講座,希望藉由專家「貼士」,為家長減輕育兒壓力。賽馬會幼童健齒計劃的楊光俊牙科醫生將與家長分享「0至6歲嬰幼兒口腔護理」的要點,包括蛀牙成因與預防方法及其他常見口腔問題。   我們誠意邀請家長、教育界同工與學生、以及對此課題有興趣之公眾人士參加是次講座。活動詳情如下: 日期: 2024年6月27日(星期四) 時間: 下午6時30分至7時30分 講者: 楊光俊牙科醫生 語言: 粵語 費用: 全免 報名連結及詳情: (請按此) 本活動將於網上平台ZOOM進行。成功登記後,參加者將收到確認信息及活動連結。    如有查詢,請電郵至,聯絡太平洋區幼兒教育研究學會(香港)秘書處。      楊光俊牙科醫生簡歷香港大學牙醫學院臨床醫生、賽馬會幼童健齒計劃牙科醫生。楊醫生是香港大學牙醫學士及哲學博士,亦是澳紐皇家牙醫學院院士及格拉斯哥皇家醫學院牙科院士。


承蒙邀請,學會出席了香港都會大學李嘉誠專業進修學院所舉辦,由前中大商學院副院長范建強教授主講,以「孩子往上流、父母與祖父母的角色」為題的「親子教育多面睇」系列第三場講座。范教授的演講深入淺出,引人入勝。講座結束後,我們亦參觀了元朗博愛江夏圍村。期待日後學會與香港都會大學李嘉誠專業進修學院繼續有更多合作與交流的機會。 (Chinese version only)