Public seminar on “Physical Activity Levels of Young Children during Preschool and Non-Preschool Time”.

Concerns have been raised about the levels of physical activity of young children and its association with children’s development and risks such as obesity. What are the factors in relation to the level of physical activity of young children? How to devise strategies that give children adequate physical play at school and at home? The Hong Kong Chapter of Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA) organized a seminar on “Physical Activity of Young Children during Preschool and Non-Preschool Time” on 27 September 2010 (Monday). Prof. Bik Chow of the Department of Physical Education, Hong Kong Baptist University, who was also the winner of the “2008 Metzler-Freedman Outstanding Paper Award” for best paper in Journal of Teaching in Physical Education for the Year of 2008, was invited to be the guest speaker. She talked about the trend of obesity among children and its relationship to health, the physical activity levels of young children in HK and strategies to raise their activity levels. The seminar was very well received by the audience which included academics, ECE practitioners and teachers and parents.


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承蒙邀請,學會出席了香港都會大學李嘉誠專業進修學院所舉辦,由前中大商學院副院長范建強教授主講,以「孩子往上流、父母與祖父母的角色」為題的「親子教育多面睇」系列第三場講座。范教授的演講深入淺出,引人入勝。講座結束後,我們亦參觀了元朗博愛江夏圍村。期待日後學會與香港都會大學李嘉誠專業進修學院繼續有更多合作與交流的機會。 (Chinese version only)


於10至11月期間,我們為北京師範大學和楚珩教育研究所團隊提供幼兒學習環境評量表應用工作坊及實地研習已圓滿結束。這次工作坊的成功有賴新界婦孺福利會博康幼兒學校及基督教香港崇真會恩樂園Joyful Place的慷慨支持,為參與者提供一個親身到港,應用評量表觀察和評估實際的幼兒學習環境機會,讓他們能夠獲得寶貴經驗,帶回中國應用於幼兒教育研究。期待未來在幼兒教育領域上,有更多跨地區的專業合作與交流。 (Chinese version only)