PECERA (Hong Kong) Annual Meeting 2009 cum seminar on “Developing Metacognition and Self-regulation in Young Children” The PECERA (HK) Annual Meeting 2009 was held on November 28, 2009 (Saturday) which featured international and local renowned scholars and educators’ addresses on early childhood education issues.

Dr. David Whitebread, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK, delivered an address on Developing Metacognition and Self-regulation in Young Children. Dr. Whitebread is a developmental psychologist and early years education specialist. He has been working on the C.Ind.Le (Cambridgeshire Independent Learning) Project that explores the development of children ages 3-5. He shared his studies on the metacognitive behaviors of children and their independent learning development. At the Report Back session on the 10th PECERA Annual Conference which was held in July 2009 in Manila, Dr. Betty Chan, the President of PECERA (HK), presented highlights of the major speeches and papers around the theme Towards Unity Amidst Diversity in Early Childhood Education. Dr. Maria Lee, Vice-President of PECERA (HK), gave a presentation on ECE Policy, Teacher Education and School Administration in Hong Kong on behalf of the association. The session also included a presentation on Views of the Stakeholders on ‘Learning through Play’: Consensus or Discrepancies by Dr. Doris Cheng and Dr. Chanel Fung. Last but not least, PECERA (HK) reported on the various activities held in 2009.


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