Virtual public seminar on “Self-Regulation: Key to Success in Life and Learning”

Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association – Hong Kong Chapter (PECERA-HK) is very pleased to organize an online public seminar on “Self-Regulation: Key to Success in Life and Learning”.

This interactive lecture is a discussion of the 7 important principles of self-regulation: on why self-regulation is foundational to lifelong functioning; why poor self-regulation could lead to adverse consequences; how self-regulation can be taught to manage both cognition and emotion; why “co-regulation” by parents and teachers is significant at every stage of a child’s development, and how parents and teachers may become models of self-regulation so that their children and students may demonstrate increasing self-efficacy along the educational journey for lifelong learning.

Dr. Grace Shangkuan Koo is a full professor of Educational Psychology at the University of the Philippines where she has been teaching for 25 years. She is holder of four academic degrees: Bachelor of Music (U.P. Diliman), Master of Christian Studies (CGST in Hong Kong), M.A. and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (U.P Diliman). She also took her post-doctoral studies on Mind, Brain and Education at Harvard University in Boston U.S.A under the tutelage of Drs. Howard Gardner, Kurt Fischer, and Robert Kegan.

Author of 10 books, published in Manila and Hong Kong, on parenting, psychological well-being, digital technologies, marriage, work, and spirituality, her most current three books are “Work Worth Doing Well” (2017), “Seasons of Life, Seasons of Love” (2018) and “In the Triumph Song of Life: Turning Adversity to Strength” (2019). She has also penned over 120 feature articles in Philippine Daily Inquirer. Her work calendar also is filled with speaking engagements, training, and consultations, group coaching – and lately, webinar courses for academic, religious, and business corporate organizations.


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